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Chupa Cabra
These reports started in Puerto Rico in the1970s, the first reports were of  bloodless goats, so the creature was given the name by the locals as the "Chupa Cabra" (Goat Sucker)and even the news reports used the name of the Chupa Cabra, so this is how this creature got it's strange name.But the mysterious reports of bloodless dead animals are not only limited to Puerto Rico. There have been similar reports from Miami, Arizona, Calfornia, Texas, London, New Mexico, Belize and the Dominican Republic of bloodless animals. So this creature seems to live world wide.Let us study the description given by eye witnesses.
    Eye witnesses describe it as a creature with a reptilian body, oval head, bulging eyes, small wings, a tail, scales, spikes on it's back and fanged teeth. The creature seems to suck blood for food, a “vampire”. Goats, hens, rabbits, geese, dogs, cats, birds, horses,and cows leaving them bloodless.
   large eyes (means that the creature lives in dark places, such as caves)   
   reptilian body with scales
   spikes on its back and a tail
   small wings (it also must be able to fly, or is capable of limited flight)
   fanged teeth